Wednesday Weekly ……announcement ;-)


I must sadly announce a temporary “suspension of recipe posts” for a couple of weeks, until I am settled in to my new “digs” as a security contractor, on a military base in the Middle East. I leave in a few days, and have a lot to do to be prepared. I have officially been “re-deployed”, and will be out of comms for a short while, and didn’t have enough time to compose/put together pictures for my content.

That being “downtime” of the past 19 months traveling the world, living, cooking, experiencing some amazing places, has been INCREDIBLY AMAZING, in every way, allowing me to relax, start this blog, plan, cook, photograph, and serve the ones I love, with incredible food that I got to create from my heart, and then share with the world.

I also got to explore the “ketogenic” way of eating, and have decided, that at this stage in our lives.. ( low carb is the way for me & Brian) it is seriously, the most healthy approach to nutrition. Mark my words, this WILL become the “norm” replacing the old addage of “fats being bad”.. it works, and I have so much information to share with you all.

SUGAR is the devil here..

I look forward to sharing my thoughts, and all culinary Goddess posts will resume in a few weeks. 😉



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