“Catching up” –Saturday weekly post– (non- recipe, this week)

The Culinary Goddess’ “Saturday Weekly Recipe post” is actually a BLOG this week….to catch you up on the happenings in MY corner of the planet…here’s a slight photo depiction of all the cool stuff I’ve been dabbling with down’unda 


Due to the past several months of blissful traveling, then recently the past few weeks of fully relocating to our own humble home (FINALLY) here in Werribee AU, I’m starting to gel with the quiet, happy, simple, “home-body” life that we have always wanted for ourselves.

I’m patiently waiting for our internet to be hooked up here, (which is integral to my weekly posts) Thankfully, today’s technology, allowing me to have been able to pre schedule my past 2 dozen recipe’s, I will NOW again, start to do them a few days ahead, starting on Wednesday 30 JUL, which is what I look forward to…being in the moment , and being able to share the ones I have relating to my kitchen in progress 😉

In the meantime, I have learned SO much over this time, and have so many DIVERSE things I want to share with you, from “How to set up a kitchen from scratch” , to Aussie Barby’s, to preparing awesome organ meats, to refurbishing cast iron cookware, and first time new gardening, ( it’s Winter here, so a whole different spin), saving EVERYTHING, wasting NOTHING, composting, making every kind of stock, all the AMAZING greens here, and setting up an essential spice cupboard, (ALL OF THIS being done ON A TIGHT ASS BUDGET mind you …;-)…..and there’s lots more too! 

There truly is SO much I have to write about, I just need some time, which I will be carving out for myself shortly, as our home ( and my kitchen) here, is almost set up..(for now)..

Until Wednesday’s post.. have a GREAT weekend, and HAPPY COOKING 😉

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