French toast stuffed with cream cheese & strawberry jam


THIS is UBER yum, and WAY too easy! πŸ˜‰

Here’s the stuff that you need to make it :

6 slices bread (of your choice)
4 eggs
splash vanilla extract
splash milk
fruit jam-(flavor of your choice)
cream cheese (make it easy to spread)

Here’s how you do; πŸ™‚

Heat griddle (or large sautee pan) add 1t. butter or spray with cooking spray
Whip eggs with milk and vanilla in a large bowl
Spread cream cheese on one slice bread
Spread jam on the other
Make a sandwich with the slices πŸ˜‰
Cover in egg mixture (quick dunk-on both sides- don’t soak !) just put in batter
Put on griddle, (or in skillet) and grill at least 90 sec on one side
Flip, brown on other side to desired “done-ness’


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