(~quick slide tutorial~) Quick, delicious, Easy Peasy Breakfast Burritos ;-)

THESE ARE awesome!…TOTAL crowd pleaser!

You can eat these hot, cold, room temp.
They travel REALLY well for when you are “on the go”,
OR you can dress them up! by smothering in a sauce add a little cheese, and bake for a bit
and–the BEST part kids, and people of ALL ages, (even picky eaters!) will like these
SOOOO QUICK, and easy to make.

Here’s the goods I used for this recipe:

6 Flour Tortillas
3 eggs
3 sliced ham diced up
1/2 onion diced up
Handful shredded chedder /jack cheese
red pepper flakes
salt & pepper to taste
Hot sauce

What I did;

Sauteed ham & onion in a little bit of butter
Add whisked eggs, scrambled with the ham/onion
Add salt, pepper, red pepper flakes to taste
Add cheese, remove from heat, set aside
Put mixture in center of tortilla to roll up
Add a line of hot sauce of your choice (optional)
Add 1 TBS veggie oil to 12″ skillet, heat
Place rolled burritos seam side down in skillet, let brown for a few
Turning on each side with tongs to evenly brown
Serve with chile verde YUM!

NOTE, these are SOOOO easy and quick..you can just do plain cheese, or beans, sauteed’ veggies, chicken, rice, I have added Paella leftovers even! SO delish πŸ˜‰ Pretty much, ANYTHING you want to stuff in these, you can.



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